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Seanan Clifford

Irish, M.A. TEFL/TESL, H.Dip Ed, B.A.  Living in Daegu, Korea, love traveling, drawing, teaching, football and my wife Youngjin.

About the Website

I've been teaching for a good few years now and well, I always come across interesting and helpful websites for my work.

I just want to put the best ones I know and have used on one site, so that they can be accessed easily. It's just to save time really.

The sites are ordered in terms of personal preference, based on my experience and feedback from various teachers/students over the years.

This site will change as new sites come online, but I'll try to show  the best 10 or so for each category.

If you have any questions or comments, or want to tell me of sites you think are useful, please get in touch.

Thanks for you support.