The International Lounge

The International Lounge at Keimyung University is a state of the art space that offers a unique environment for students and faculty alike by providing them with an atmosphere that many would otherwise have to travel abroad to find.

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The purpose of the lounge is to provide a place where visitors can practice their second language skills and make new friends at the same time...

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The International Lounge is located on Seongseo Campus between the Main Gate and the South Gate on the 1st floor (ground floor) of the New Bauer Hall building. The closest subway station is Gangchange Station (Exit 6). An alternative subway station would be Keimyung University Station (Exit 1).

Opening Times:

Mon to Fri 8:30am - 9pm (Semester Hrs)

Mon to Fri 9:30am - 4:30pm (Vacation Hrs)