Language and Culture Exchange

The Language and Culture Exchange Program at Keimyung University's International Lounge will help International Students learn Korean and meet people! Hooray!

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From 6pm - 7pm Tuesday and Wednesday in the lounge, you can meet with a Volunteer Korean Language Assistant (a Korean student) who will assist you in all your Korean language studies.

Learners: If you want to improve your Korean and meet new people, please go to the LACE schedule, find the right time/day/level/adviser for you and sign up using your Lounge ID number. You can ask at the Lounge Info Desk how to do this if you have any problems.

Volunteer Korean Language Assistants: If you would like to help International Students learn Korean, please sign up for this program in the Lounge.You can ask at the Lounge Info Desk how to do this.

The program has 3 Korean Levels:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Beginner - Elementary Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate Intermediate - Upper-Intermediate
"Help is in English and Korean" " Help is in English and Korean" "Help is in Korean"

So, be brave, come on in, meet new people and exchange some language and culture!!!